Growing Our
Roots, Our Story,
Our Future
Cambodia Town Thrives aims to uplift community perspectives and voices to shape the future vision and development of Cambodia Town. We are working to create a community-driven vision plan — a living document that welcomes continuous community feedback and comments — that holds the City of Long Beach accountable to social and racial justice when reinvesting in the community.



We are a loving, diverse, and inclusive community that comes together to celebrate our interconnectedness, our solidarity in shared struggles and shared successes, and our pride and responsibility for our neighborhood. We are many races and ethnicities and strive to create a Cambodia Town where everyone belongs, especially Black people, Indigenous people, and people of color.


We honor and uplift our rich, vibrant collective cultural tapestry — expressed through food, art, music, language, and relationship with land — to connect our roots to our future and our differences to our common humanity.


We require and desire deep physical and spiritual connection to nature and the land, air, and water that gives us life. We envision a neighborhood full of trees, green spaces, and a clean, healthy environment.


We want to be and feel safe and peaceful in our own neighborhood. We believe true community safety is rooted in relationships, trust, collaboration, mutual support, healing, and restoration. We require and desire investments in systems of care, including health, housing, healing, and opportunity.


We want to thrive in place and afford the housing, goods, and services in our own neighborhood. We must ensure that our longtime neighbors can afford to stay rooted here instead of uprooted and displaced. We want to house our unhoused neighbors. Our community needs not only investments and protections, but also reparations, so that we can heal historical disinvestment and have better neighborhoods with the same neighbors.

Community Ownership

We envision local, community-based ownership of businesses, properties, and assets to invest in and benefit the local community instead of far-away corporations. Community ownership builds the community power and community wealth necessary to lead, own, and govern our own future.



Unlike typical government-led planning efforts, the Cambodia Town Vision Plan was made for the community, by the community.
This is just the beginning! Our plan sets the groundwork for a grassroots community organizing effort to make this vision plan a reality.

For more information, check out the full Cambodia Town Thrives Plan.
While most planning documents cement a moment in time, our Plan is made to stay updated and evolve with the times. Please share any feedback and comments in the Voice Your Opion section below!

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Our Plan allows the community to define its own opportunities and challenges for the neighborhood, preparing a table for people who have been historically left out of the decision-making process.


Our Roots
Our Story
Our Future
The “Cambodia Town Thrives: Growing Our Roots, Our Story, Our Future” is a community-made plan providing details on current neighborhood issues and community-made ideas on how to address them with grassroots planning and policy solutions.



We recognize the physical and cultural history of Cambodia town, informing how we will serve the community moving forward.

Click the link below to discover the history of the neighborhood and why Cambodia Town Thrives was created.


WE Are a collective of community organizations working to build a just, equitable future for Cambodia Town residents.

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Acknolwedgement Of

Cambodia Town Thrives acknowledges the Gabrielino/Tongva peoples as the traditional land caretakers of Tovaangar (Los Angeles basin, Southern Channel Islands) and pays our respects to the honuukvetam (ancestors), 'ahiihirom (elders), and 'eyoohiinkem (relatives/relations) past, present, and emerging.

It is important to not only acknowledge Tongva Land but also plan with the deliberate inclusion of the Gabrielino/Tongva community. We need to understand how water and land are moving bodies through this process as a means of Indigenous place-keeping. The need for Indigenous grounding in this community vision plan is essential to liberate both the land and its people. The cognizant inclusion of Indigenous communities through any and all planning processes from start to finish aims to achieve the true meaning of collective justice. Cambodia Town Thrives values the inclusion of the Tongva community and recognizes the gap of Tongva voices in this current version of the community Vision Plan. Cambodia Town Thrives is committed to build meaningful solidarity with the Tongva community and will strive to grow Tongva leadership and engagement in the further development and implementation of the community vision plan.